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City Life

in Klütz

City Life

in Klütz

City Life

in Klütz

Those who have never been to Klütz will be surprised by the high quality of life and the diversity that our small castle town, in the heart of Klützer Winkel, has to offer.

A good infrastructure on all levels – from sports and leisure activities, kindergarten and school to medical care – a lively club scene, numerous events and a diverse cultural offering, all can be found here.

Klütz, with approximately 3150 residents, is the center of Klützer Winkel – one of the most scenic regions in northwestern Mecklenburg. Due to its convenient location near the A20 motorway, the Hanseatic cities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Wismar, as well as the state capital Schwerin, are easily accessible from Klütz. The proximity to the Baltic Sea, charming beaches, unspoiled nature, varied excursion destinations, hiking and biking trails and special cultural events make Klütz a place of high leisure quality.

Interested businesses can find areas for new establishments in the industrial area on Lübecker Straße.

Urban Development

Castle town with a future

Nestled in the lovely landscape of Klützer Winkel, just 4 kilometers from the Baltic Sea beach and equipped with a noteworthy infrastructure, the small town of Klütz is an ideal residential location. The venerable Hanseatic cities of Lübeck, Wismar and Rostock, as well as the state capital Schwerin, can be reached in less than an hour.

For centuries, Castle Bothmer has been influential in Klütz's development. Since its reopening at Pentecost 2015, it has become a highlight in the cultural landscape of Klützer Winkel. The renovated castle park invites leisurely strolls. The exhibition about the castle's builder has been very positively received by numerous visitors and has been praised many times.

Situated at the crossroads of medieval trade routes, Klütz early on provided an ideal setting for lively trade, diverse craftsmanship and settlements. Over the centuries, the former market town developed into a livable small town.

"Kornkammer" of Mecklenburg & Klützer “Speckwinkel"

The activities of many young entrepreneurs testify to the hopes that the younger generation places in its castle town. Trade and craftsmanship still play an important role in urban development. For centuries, the excellent soils in Klützer Winkel have been extensively cultivated, earning the region the nicknames "Kornkammer of Mecklenburg"  (granary of Mecklenburg) and "Klützer Speckwinkel” (rich soil region). Agriculture will remain an important economic pillar in the future.

The Klützer Winkel is becoming a hidden gem among tourists. Away from major metropolises, in untouched nature with plenty of space, tranquillity and magnificent old avenues, every guest finds the serenity that is not so easily found elsewhere.

Time ticks pleasantly slower here, but not past.

Shopping in Klütz

One wouldn't actually need to leave the town for shopping, as Klütz has everything one could desire: a small supermarket and two large discount stores, a farm shop, a butcher with meat and sausage products and a bakery. There are also stores with textiles, toys, stationery and furniture. A hardware store offers everything professionals, DIY enthusiasts and gardeners need to maintain and improve their homes and gardens. Beautiful items can be purchased from various artists and craftsmen. Nurseries and flower shops make the hearts of many flower and garden enthusiasts beat faster. Not to forget: Klütz also has a small weekly market.

Youth and social affairs

Our little ones, aged 6 months to school entry, are cared for daily from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM at the "Schloßspatzen" kindergarten. After kindergarten, the children are enrolled in the primary school in the Baltic Sea resort of Boltenhagen. They stay there until they transfer to the Regional School Klütz from the 5th grade onwards. The Regional School Klütz is the only secondary school in Klützer Winkel. It is a multi-grade school leading to vocational readiness (grade 9) or intermediate maturity (grade 10). The 5th and 6th grades of the orientation stage are affiliated with the school. Currently, 288 students are studying here, taught by 20 teachers. In addition, the school employs a school social worker and a school secretary. Extensive renovations were completed in 2012. Since then, there is an auditorium suitable for extracurricular events.

The city's numerous clubs, the city-owned library with a collection of around 10,000 media and the city-owned youth club offer our children and teenagers many recreational activities in their free time.

German Red Cross (DRK) Residential Complex

The DRK residential complex complements the care of our citizens in assisted living and in the stationary nursing facility.

Medical care

For medical care in our town, there are two general practitioners and one dentist as well as two veterinarians. The nearest hospitals and specialist doctors are located in Grevesmühlen, Wismar and Lübeck. We can redeem a medical prescription at our pharmacy and at physiotherapy facilities.

City partnership

Since 1990, there has been a city partnership between Klütz and the Hessian small town of Bad Arolsen, which is intended to be revitalized in the future. The exchange took place in the early years on a political level as well as on the part of the fire brigades. The spa town has around 15,500 inhabitants and is known for its baroque residence castle, where the Arolser Baroque Festival takes place annually. Another attraction is the “Arolser Kram- und Viehmarkt”, the largest folk festival in Northern Hessen.

Living and building in Klütz

Due to its proximity to the Baltic Sea and its special location in the picturesque Klützer Winkel, one of the oldest cultural landscapes in Germany, Klütz is an attractive place to live for young and old. In the picturesque old town, many, partly listed houses have been lovingly and elaborately renovated in recent years. Some properties are still waiting for builders and investors interested in renovation. In the town's outskirts, new residential areas have emerged, embedded in lots of greenery and within walking distance to the city center, offering attractive living conditions with a high quality of life for families, retirees and singles.

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State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Klütz is a town in the district of Nordwestmecklenburg in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). It is administered by the Amt Klützer Winkel. Since July 4, 2022, the town of Klütz and the districts of Wohlenberg and Oberhof have been recognized as state-approved recreational resorts, while the entire town of Klütz with its 11 districts has been designated as a tourist resort since December 16, 2022. Situated in the picturesque Klützer Winkel between the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar, the municipal area stretches from Wohlenberg with its long sandy beach to Steinbeck with its impressive cliff coast. Klütz is particularly known for the Baroque castle Bothmer, which has been restored according to old original plans, with its imposing avenue of festoons.

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