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  • Walks & Hikes

    Discover the Klützer Winkel in comfort
  • Walks & Hikes

    Discover the Klützer Winkel in comfort
  • Walks & Hikes

    Discover the Klützer Winkel in comfort
"Only where you have walked, have you truly been.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Discovering slowness and experiencing deceleration can be achieved through extensive hikes and walks in the beautiful and diverse nature of Klützer Winkel and the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg.

Each season has its charm and offers special nature experiences for you. Stroll through the town of Klütz and its districts, wander through expansive parks and blooming gardens, or explore the coast and the inland on longer hikes.
Our suggested routes:

Through the fields and meadows

  • Tour length approx. 15 km
  • Elevation difference approx. 45 m
  • Duration approx. 3,5 h
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Starting point: City Information Klütz / Literaturhaus „Uwe Johnson“
The starting point is the "Uwe Johnson" Literature House. Keep right at the market and turn right into the next street ("Im Kaiser"). At the outskirts of Klütz, pass by the impressive old Müllereiche (mill oak) towards BOLTENHAGEN. Take the idyllic agricultural path (note: a bit bumpy and unexpectedly steep at some places) to REDEWISCH, then turn left towards HAFTHAGEN, following the path in a northern direction. At the fork in the road, keep left, pass by the Swingolf course until you reach the coastal path. Turn left and follow the coast to the parking lot in STEINBECK.
Continue towards Steinbeck and GRUNDSHAGEN. After Grundshagen, turn right and after about 500 meters, take the field path southeast towards KLÜTZ on the opposite side of the road. Return through the allotment garden colony; keep left. At the Alte Molkerei Klütz, an art and cultural house, turn right onto Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße, then turn left towards the market until you reach the starting point.

"Schloss Bothmer" and Town

  • Tour length approx. 5,5 km
  • Elevation difference approx. 20 m
  • Duration approx. 1,5 h
  • Difficulty level: easy
  • Starting point: Castle Bothmer

Walk along the avenue towards Schloßstraße and keep left there. After 1 km, turn right into Neuer Weg. At the intersection with Predigerstraße, the rectory is on the right (built around 1730 by the architect Johann Friedrich Künnecke on behalf of Count von Bothmer). Walk along Predigerstraße, turn left into Wismarsche Straße. After about 150 meters, on the left side opposite St. Marienkirche, stands the sexton's house built in 1727. On the opposite side of the street, next to the church, is the former Bothmer Mausoleum, sold to the church in 1938 by Ludwig Count von Bothmer.

Pass by the church until you reach the half-timbered house at the corner, formerly owned by the von Bothmer family and the residence of a private secretary. Then keep left until the footpath ends. Cross the street there and follow the footpath to the roundabout. On the opposite side of the street is the Catholic Church of the Assumption of Mary, commissioned in 1932 by the converted Reichsgräfin Mary Collingwood zu Bothmer.
Follow the bike path until the first right turn. Keep right until you reach Schloßstraße. The restored Bothmer burial site is located on the right side of the cemetery, just to the right of the entrance.

Insider tip: Hike through the Lenorenwald

The Lenorenwald, with its extensive cycling and hiking trails, is a protected landscape and the largest contiguous forest area in the Klützer Winkel. Here, you will encounter mighty beech, oak and maple trees, small ponds and streams. Two botanical exotics can also be admired: the famous North American sequoia trees, planted in 1880. In spring, cowslips, marsh marigolds and anemones bloom, while delicate water lilies grow in ponds and puddles during the summer. Deer and hare, fox and badger, as well as numerous bird species and other animals, call this place home.
At the beginning of the forest, near Kalkhorst, lies the romantic neo-Gothic-style Kalkhorst Castle. In its 13-hectare landscape park, there is an arboretum featuring a sequoia tree over 40 meters high, an Atlas cedar, ginkgos and various cypress species. The castle and park are privately owned and currently not accessible to the public.

More hiking suggestions through our beautiful region (only in German):

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Klütz is a town in the district of Nordwestmecklenburg in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). It is administered by the Amt Klützer Winkel. Since July 4, 2022, the town of Klütz and the districts of Wohlenberg and Oberhof have been recognized as state-approved recreational resorts, while the entire town of Klütz with its 11 districts has been designated as a tourist resort since December 16, 2022. Situated in the picturesque Klützer Winkel between the Hanseatic cities of Lübeck and Wismar, the municipal area stretches from Wohlenberg with its long sandy beach to Steinbeck with its impressive cliff coast. Klütz is particularly known for the Baroque castle Bothmer, which has been restored according to old original plans, with its imposing avenue of festoons.

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